Extracting Unstructured Data

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Course Overview

Astera ReportMiner is a template-based data extraction solution that is widely used by enterprises to simplify and automate their data extraction strategies. In this course on Extracting Unstructured Data, you will learn about the essentials of data extraction through Astera ReportMiner. Starting off with the fundamental concepts of data and its different types, this interactive course will build your way up to creating report models and extracting data professionally from a variety of unstructured source files.

Whether you have used ReportMiner before or have no experience with it, this course will equip you with the solid foundation of the tool so you can get up to speed with your data extraction process. With hands-on practice, you will be able to expertly navigate through ReportMiner’s user Interface, learn about expert best practices, and solve a number of business-oriented use cases through downloadable source files and prebuilt templates.

Data extraction forms an important part of data management and businesses across the world rely on template-based extraction tools to make the most out of their unstructured data gold mines. Anyone willing to learn the basics of data extraction and to expertly use ReportMiner in the future will find this course helpful. Building your confidence with Astera ReportMiner means enhancing your employability skills portfolio so you can position yourself ahead of others and succeed at your work goals.

What's included?

100% Online- 24/7 Access

Learn at your own pace. With the resources being 100% online, you can access training anywhere, anytime.

Gain Hands-on Experience

Get hands-on with our tool and use it to solve a variety of business use-cases and real-life data challenges.

Instructor-Led Training

Learn best practices from our experts and build your confidence with the tool.

Certificate of Completion

Earn Certificate upon successful completion of the course and share it on your LinkedIn.

Meet Your Instructors

Ayesha Amjad
Product Manager
Humera Muhammad Yakub
Product Manager
Qaisar Shah
Ex PreSales and QA Engineer
Tooba Nazim
QA & Testing Engineer